Possible Reasons Behind Nintendo’s Re-appliance for Eternal Darkness Trademark

The last time we spoke about Nintendo and the re-appliance for the Eternal Darkness trademark we’ve apparently caused quite the stir on our social media and various chat rooms. Yay! We are famous, we are raising the hype meter! But seriously, no, that is not what we were trying to do and we have never, in no way implied that there is another Eternal Darkness game coming out neither that the old one is getting remade. All we said is that it seems quite possible (to us) that something along those lines could occur in the foreseeable future, so please, calm down guys!

Anyways, just to make things completely clear, the trademark reacquiring business might have a couple of outcomes and here are some that we thing are the most likely ones.

  1. Nintendo simply trying to protect (and jealously hold on to) their intellectual property.
    By protecting it we mean that they are denying anyone else the right to ever produce anything related to Eternal Darkness. Why would they do that? We don’t know why or even if they would do such a thing but as we said, it is a possibility. Also, corporations are known to make crazy, selfish moves simply because they can, especially Japanese companies as of lately.
  2. Our second guess and probably the most likely possibility is that the game is coming out on Nintendo Switch. Note how we said “possibility”. It is not a fact, it is not a leaked information. This is purely an intuitive guess and a conclusion that feels rather natural given the circumstances at this point.
    It is said that Nintendo Switch will be able of running a virtual console on it system which basically means that you will get to emulate games from the previous Nintendo systems like Game Cube. Since Game Cube is the only console capable of running Eternal Darkness, it seems to us that it is very likely that Nintendo will try to revive game and bring it to Switch. Also, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t do this, it is a win win situation for both the company and the consumers.
  3. And of course, there is always the third and also the most interesting possibility. Perhaps they are planning on releasing a sequel? We have mentioned previously that some of the original Eternal Darkness team was in fact working on a spiritual successor game. What if along the way they got Nintendo’s attention and they have decided to hire those guys, rework the game a bit and make it into an actual sequel?
    Now this is all merely a speculation and probably nothing but a wishful thinking but it could be the case so let’s keep on hoping and consider it as a possibility for a bit longer.

So yeah, there you have it. Those are some possible outcomes as to why would Nintendo want to reapply for the trademark of Eternal Darkness that sounds reasonable to us. Once again, no rumors about this were heard, there is no one saying that the game is going to get a sequel or a remake, not even port, these are mere speculations, alright?

Is Super Mario Run a Good Game?

When it was officially announced most people were quick to disregard it as another shameless money grab. Despite all the prejudice and completely opposite to the majority of expectation, Super Mario Run turned out to be quite a blast to play with.

While definitely not your everyday Mario title and honestly speaking, besides recognizable characters world art and music score, there is barely anything connecting this title with the rest of the Mario games. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good game on its own, not at all! In fact, most of us are actually enjoying the game on a daily basis. It definitely beats other games where you run and collect coins, that’s for sure. Toad Rally is especially fun when you have a lot of friends who are also playing the game. There’s nothing quite like beating your friends highest score and earning the bragging rights for that, don’t you agree?

Truly, the game has been nothing but pure fun for everyone we know so far, ourselves included and we don’t see any reason not to recommend it to everyone who likes a bit of casual game every now and then. And no, this is not a sponsored article.
Furthermore, the game is completely free to try out so you may see whether or not it’s for you. This is always a nice move from the developers side because that way we do not have to worry about paying for a product we might not be interested in. Also, for those of you that want a quick tour about what the game is all about but are too cool to watch a review of it, there are many ways to hack Super Mario Run, like this one for example so you may unlock all of the content while spending nothing at all. Think about it as an expanded demo, just don’t abuse it now since developers are also people who need to make a profit, alright?

So, yeah, all in all, Super Mario Run was a blast and a very fun experience to play through and it still is since the game has multiplayer feature which kind of grants it immortality. But, is it a good Mario game? Probably not. There’s nothing Mario-ish about it and as we stated before, it barely classifies as a Mario game save for some aspects.

But, is it a good, fun game overall? Most definitely! For those of you willing to overlook that it’s a Mario based game with nothing Mario-ish about it, you are certainly in for a lot of fun time with this one. And remember that it is (just like every other video game with multiplayer mode) always better to play with (or against) friends!

Nintendo Reapplied for Eternal Darkness Trademark

Game Cube was great. It had many games and a wide variety of genres to choose from. It is OK to say that there was definitely something for everyone on the Game Cube. However, the lack of the DVD and  support only for the small discs worked against it and were it’s undoing in the long run.

Still, before the console was written off, many games were made and among those games were some very good ones.

Of all the Game Cube games, one is definitely sticking out and anyone who spent some time playing with this console has probably heard of the Eternal Darkness. This old game was amazing and unforgettable, perhaps not because of it’s groundbreaking play or hardware pushing graphics for the time. Most of the Eternal Darkness’s glory comes from it’s genial feature called “the sanity meter”.

Yes, Eternal Darkness was a horror game and it had a lot of crazy moments but instead of choosing to channel that horror and insanity onto the players character, it made it so that the one targeted was actually you! You as in, yourself, the person in front of the screen holding the controller, not the character you were controlling in game. How did this work, your probably asking yourself?

The sanity meter we have mentioned already was gradually feeling as your character was being exposed to stressful situations. The more it filled the more sanity effects were triggered and they were progressively getting more intensive.

So for example, the game would initially just invert your screen upside down making it rather difficult to control your character. At some points your character’s head would just roll off of it’s shoulders or you would hear weird noises and voices. But the game didn’t stop there. It goes to a whole new level of scaring you by simulation glitches and hardware malfunction like the blue screen of death, making your image fade to black or even going as far as taking the control away from the player and making it look like it as deleting all of the save files! Now I don’t know about some of you but we consider that to be pretty effin terrifying!

So basically, the game was really cool and pretty much everyone loved it back in the day but it unfortunately never got a sequel somehow. Well, somehow is not the right word since we’re rather familiar with what went down and how it came to be as it is. The developers that were working on the game, the guys some of you might remember as “Silicon Knights” had a lot of trouble and they eventually disbanded and were completely gone until.

A couple of years ago however, we got some news that some of the guys from the original team were back together and are actually working on a game that they claimed to be a spiritual successor to the Eternal Darkness!

So now, relatively close to Nintendo Switch’s release date and years after the game was revealed to be in production, we hear that Nintendo has reapplied for the Eternal Darkness Trademark…

Do you see where we’re going with this? 🙂

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