Nintendo Reapplied for Eternal Darkness Trademark

Game Cube was great. It had many games and a wide variety of genres to choose from. It is OK to say that there was definitely something for everyone on the Game Cube. However, the lack of the DVD and  support only for the small discs worked against it and were it’s undoing in the long run.

Still, before the console was written off, many games were made and among those games were some very good ones.

Of all the Game Cube games, one is definitely sticking out and anyone who spent some time playing with this console has probably heard of the Eternal Darkness. This old game was amazing and unforgettable, perhaps not because of it’s groundbreaking play or hardware pushing graphics for the time. Most of the Eternal Darkness’s glory comes from it’s genial feature called “the sanity meter”.

Yes, Eternal Darkness was a horror game and it had a lot of crazy moments but instead of choosing to channel that horror and insanity onto the players character, it made it so that the one targeted was actually you! You as in, yourself, the person in front of the screen holding the controller, not the character you were controlling in game. How did this work, your probably asking yourself?

The sanity meter we have mentioned already was gradually feeling as your character was being exposed to stressful situations. The more it filled the more sanity effects were triggered and they were progressively getting more intensive.

So for example, the game would initially just invert your screen upside down making it rather difficult to control your character. At some points your character’s head would just roll off of it’s shoulders or you would hear weird noises and voices. But the game didn’t stop there. It goes to a whole new level of scaring you by simulation glitches and hardware malfunction like the blue screen of death, making your image fade to black or even going as far as taking the control away from the player and making it look like it as deleting all of the save files! Now I don’t know about some of you but we consider that to be pretty effin terrifying!

So basically, the game was really cool and pretty much everyone loved it back in the day but it unfortunately never got a sequel somehow. Well, somehow is not the right word since we’re rather familiar with what went down and how it came to be as it is. The developers that were working on the game, the guys some of you might remember as “Silicon Knights” had a lot of trouble and they eventually disbanded and were completely gone until.

A couple of years ago however, we got some news that some of the guys from the original team were back together and are actually working on a game that they claimed to be a spiritual successor to the Eternal Darkness!

So now, relatively close to Nintendo Switch’s release date and years after the game was revealed to be in production, we hear that Nintendo has reapplied for the Eternal Darkness Trademark…

Do you see where we’re going with this? 🙂

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