Possible Reasons Behind Nintendo’s Re-appliance for Eternal Darkness Trademark

The last time we spoke about Nintendo and the re-appliance for the Eternal Darkness trademark we’ve apparently caused quite the stir on our social media and various chat rooms. Yay! We are famous, we are raising the hype meter! But seriously, no, that is not what we were trying to do and we have never, in no way implied that there is another Eternal Darkness game coming out neither that the old one is getting remade. All we said is that it seems quite possible (to us) that something along those lines could occur in the foreseeable future, so please, calm down guys!

Anyways, just to make things completely clear, the trademark reacquiring business might have a couple of outcomes and here are some that we thing are the most likely ones.

  1. Nintendo simply trying to protect (and jealously hold on to) their intellectual property.
    By protecting it we mean that they are denying anyone else the right to ever produce anything related to Eternal Darkness. Why would they do that? We don’t know why or even if they would do such a thing but as we said, it is a possibility. Also, corporations are known to make crazy, selfish moves simply because they can, especially Japanese companies as of lately.
  2. Our second guess and probably the most likely possibility is that the game is coming out on Nintendo Switch. Note how we said “possibility”. It is not a fact, it is not a leaked information. This is purely an intuitive guess and a conclusion that feels rather natural given the circumstances at this point.
    It is said that Nintendo Switch will be able of running a virtual console on it system which basically means that you will get to emulate games from the previous Nintendo systems like Game Cube. Since Game Cube is the only console capable of running Eternal Darkness, it seems to us that it is very likely that Nintendo will try to revive game and bring it to Switch. Also, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t do this, it is a win win situation for both the company and the consumers.
  3. And of course, there is always the third and also the most interesting possibility. Perhaps they are planning on releasing a sequel? We have mentioned previously that some of the original Eternal Darkness team was in fact working on a spiritual successor game. What if along the way they got Nintendo’s attention and they have decided to hire those guys, rework the game a bit and make it into an actual sequel?
    Now this is all merely a speculation and probably nothing but a wishful thinking but it could be the case so let’s keep on hoping and consider it as a possibility for a bit longer.

So yeah, there you have it. Those are some possible outcomes as to why would Nintendo want to reapply for the trademark of Eternal Darkness that sounds reasonable to us. Once again, no rumors about this were heard, there is no one saying that the game is going to get a sequel or a remake, not even port, these are mere speculations, alright?

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